Bots using Twilight

Below is a list of bots known to be using the Twilight ecosystem. The use could be as small as only the gateway or HTTP client, or as large as all of the core crates.

Want your bot added? Feel free to send a PR to the repo!



The GearBot team are rewriting their bot to use Twilight, with a need for performance and scalability in mind.

Source: GitHub

Lasagne bot

Lasagne bot is a bot that posts garfield comics.



HarTex is a Discord bot built and optimized for server administration and moderation needs in mind.

Source: GitHub

interchannel message mover

a discord bot to move messages between channels easily

Source: GitHub


Timezoner is a bot that lets people send a date/time that appears in everyone's own timezone.

Source: GitHub


A invite tracker and autoresponder bot.

Source: Github